why optidocs

Documenting procedures is essential but often the last thing organisations have time to do. Through a combination of process expertise, automated capture tools and a dedicated documentation team, optidocs build English language Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for companies around the globe.


The templates and structure used, are generally accepted to be industry-leading best practice. Alternatively, we are happy to use your own templates. There is also the opportunity to deliver your standard operating procedures through an online portal, that will allow for the ongoing update and maintenance of your documentation.

1. Scope

Utilising global best practice frameworks, our business process experts will work with you to build the scope (taxonomy) for your standard operating procedures.

Capture & Record
2. Capture & Record

optidocs provide automated tools that capture end-user desktop screens, workflow and voice as they complete their tasks.

3. Build

Using your recordings, the optidocs documentation team will build out, and validate your standard operating procedures. For most process areas, this is typically done in days and includes detailed worksteps, process notes, and screen shots.

4. Finalise

Once reviewed, and feedback incorporated, the standard operating procedures will be finalised, and provided to you.

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